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introducing the creative genius of

Scott Jeffrey Miller

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The second volume in the award-winning Mess to Success series, Marketing Mess to Brand Success brings to life crucial lessons and insights drawn from Scott’s 30 years of experience as an executive level sales leader and global chief marketing officer. Available now for pre-order on Launches May 11, 2021.

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Ignite Your Genius career coaching launches in early 2021. Learn invaluable and immediately applicable lessons from Scott’s acclaimed career in sales, sales leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship. These 11 transforming video based modules will disrupt and empower your own career journey.

get to know scott

Just like you, Scott is a mess. But unlike most, he owns it!

Scott fundamentally believes we learn more from our messes than our successes. He uses his messes to not just teach himself, but also to inspire leaders from a variety of backgrounds all around the world. So, to repeat Scott’s mantra, OWN YOUR MESS!

The Millers live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and live every day full of gratitude for all their blessings.

Welcome to Millerland!

Scott lives in Salt Lake City, UT with his wife Stephanie and their three sons. After being raised in Central Florida, he joined the Disney Development Company where for nearly fours years he was part of the team that designed and built the famed city of Celebration, FL. At the age of 26, Scott left Disney and was recruited by Dr. Stephen R. Covey and moved to Utah. Scott built a 25 year career in the world’s most respected and influential leadership development firm serving in nearly every role imaginable. Scott’s experience at FranklinCovey shaped his views on leadership, being a human and somehow found himself married at the age of 41 and somewhat begrudgingly, the loving father of three rascal sons.

Scott has evolved to become a multi-bestselling author, radio and podcast host, coach, columnist and global keynote speaker. He continues to consult with FranklinCovey and is proud to continue their collaboration as he expands his own influence through new books, speeches and coaching offerings.

The most important thing to know about Stephanie: Opposites attract.

She’s kind, gentle, sweet, a great listener, humble, smart, responsible, not a showoff, gentle and a total lockbox for all your secrets. Perhaps she thought Scott possessed these same traits – it’s hard to fully understand why she married Scott – but that can be said about most couples can’t it?!

She’s got impeccable taste and style, manages a budget like an Olympic sport and refuses to ever pay retail (that’s Scott’s expertise). Steph loves kale (yuck), kombucha (uber yuck) and her Peloton. Scott’s just hoping the buff instructors (mainly some dude named Denis Morton) can’t afford to fund her Mercedes and stock her bar cart because she seems a bit too enamored with them…

Thatcher – Named after one of Scott’s heroes, Former British Prime Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher, the oldest son is a gem. True to birth-order profiling, he’s responsible, kind, gentle and “follows the rules”. He reads like a fiend and plows through about three books a week. But lest you think he’s simply a book worm, watch a video of him playing tennis. On the court since age three, Thatcher is a phenom tennis player and also loves basketball, snow skiing, soccer and golf. He dresses like a Ralph Lauren model and is currently obsessed with his hair. That will soon shift to his teeth when he gets braces and realizes his popcorn loving evenings are over for a while. Thatcher and Dad are already beginning the draft of their first co-authored book. Stay tuned, he will be a bestselling author before high school!

Smith – Named after one of Scott’s favorite TV sitcom characters, Smith is his father’s twin. Scott’s exact DNA match in nearly every category! Loud, brash, fun, overly confident, a total charmer and mostly full of sh*t, this young man is the life of any party. He’s beginning to enjoy reading but only because it’s how he earns his Xbox time. Smith, like his older brother loves tennis, (even more so) and this year won several tournaments – the beginning of many according to him. He’s decided to trade his snow skis for a snowboard and is a fierce chess player routinely beating his father. And watch out should Post Malone come on the speaker as he’ll whip out his Chippendales moves to make you blush. He’s obsessed with video games and spends most of his free time trying to convince mom and dad how to earn more time to play…you guessed it – video games.

Wentworth – Named after the actor – you guessed it – Wentworth Miller, this is our baby boy. With both brothers before him having last names as first names – we couldn’t exactly name him Tim or Mike. Like his brothers, he is a star tennis player already at age six and loves to wrestle, eat candy and cause chaos and mayhem. His nickname (he has about nine of them) is Tazmo – after the cartoon character Tasmanian Devil. This young man is intense in everything he does. He loves snow skiing, the Pig the Pug book series and did we mention eating candy?! He’s also obsessed with shopping at Barnes & Noble. Because he loves books you ask? Sure – just as long as the book purchase happens along with a toy purchase.

Wilbur – Bought during our engagement in Chicago, Wilbur is a Bischpoo and the most gentle of all dogs…until recently. After turning 13, he’s gone a bit coo-coo and forgets he’s eaten within minutes of each meal. Now mostly deaf but still very happy, he roams the house constantly looking for food – which is quite productive given there are three boys at the helm. Why buy a Roomba when you’ve got a Wilbur?! Highly recommend this breed. Just such a sweet family member.

Oliver – This dog bugs the heck out of me. As a Brussels Griffon (the same breed Jack Nicholson throws down the garbage shute in the movie As Good As It Gets) he’s basically been bred to ferret out barn critters and thus is the ultimate busybody. (Thatcher is watching me type this and insisted I write that he’s super sweet… he’s not). Most of our friends run from his ten daunting pounds and tell us he looks like a Civil War general – or more likely a Star Wars Ewok or Gremlin. Highly do not recommend this breed. Just such not a sweet family member.








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Management Mess to Leadership Success

by Scott Jeffrey Miller

Released in June, 2019, Management Mess to Leadership Success debuted at #1 on Amazon for six consecutive week and also won BookPal’s prestigious OWL (Outstanding Works of Literature) award in the leadership category. Scott draws on his own management messes to bring 30 common leadership challenges to life in raw, real and relatable stories that will leave you equal parts horrified and inspired.

FranklinCovey OnLeadership
with Scott Jeffrey Miller

Scott is privileged to host FranklinCovey’s On Leadership interview series, now the fastest growing and largest distributed weekly podcast dedicated to the topic of leadership. Access 130+ audio/video interviews here.

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