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Ignite Your Genius Career Coaching
with scott miller

From the front line to the C-Suite – many have achieved career success like Scott Jeffrey Miller. But few have documented their lessons along the way and are also willing to share them with you.

In this self paced video series, Scott shares 11 key career insights that anyone can adopt whether you’re just beginning your first role or are mid-career and wondering how to move up a level – or two. Scott’s own career began working at a local farmer’s market selling bread and pastries for a local bakery where he was then promoted to…..washing dishes and mopping floors. Thirty years later, after a broad array of deliberately selected roles, Scott built a significant career in sales and sale leadership, culminating in becoming a renowned chief marketing officer for a global brand. Impressive? Yes if you consider how many times he was in-fact saved, from himself. Scott features the many lessons he learned along his journey and shares what he also got right, through his own deliberate decisions.

In this multi part, video series, Scott unveils for the first time in his three-decade career the 11 tenants of Igniting Your Career Genius.

Each video features Scott in casual conversation discussing proven career strategies that everyone can benefit from. Scott draws extensively on his own career journey, sharing specific messes and successes and also illustrates how to navigate them in your own career, regardless of your industry, position or goals. In addition to the video modules, each session includes a downloadable tool or worksheet to ensure the key insights are captured and applied to your own career journey.

Each module can be viewed at your own pace and participants have 90 days to view all of the videos and access the worksheets.

Register here by January 31, 2021 for the introductory tuition of $79.
Beginning February 1, 2021, tuition increases to $129.

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