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Job Mess to Career Success

The third in the critically acclaimed and award-winning Mess to Success series, Job Mess to Career Success: 30 Challenges to Land and Grow Your Dream Career, draws upon Scott’s extensive career in sales, sales leadership, project management, product development, marketing, advertising, and other related career messes and successes that anyone can benefit from reading.


  1. Law of the Harvest
  2. Friend Up
  3. Linear Lines
  4. Send Offs
  5. Career ADD
  6. Your Job is Your Career, Not Your Life
  7. Don’t Be Defined By Your Job
  8. Generalist vs Specialist
  9. Your Reputation is the Collection of Your Decisions
  10. What Will You Be Known For
  11. Burn No Bridges
  12. Study Other Paths
  13. Reciprocity
  14. Staying In Touch
  15. Strengths vs Weaknesses
  16. Building Your Multi-Dimensional Skills
  17. Self-Awareness
  18. The Comparison Conundrum
  19. Fields of Experience
  20. The Confluence Between What You Like and What Someone Needs
  21. What Can I Do For You
  22. Interviewing
  23. Social Profiles
  24. Networking
  25. Resumes
  26. Mentors and Coaches
  27. No Losses, Just Learnings
  28. Fearless vs Reckless
  29. Your Legacy
  30. Patience My Friend

Coming in January, 2022

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